The UK has a very accessible healthcare system and many international students are entitled to free and subsidised treatment from the National Health Service (NHS). If not and you require international student health insurance, you can still make use of the UK’s excellent health services.

Come prepared
It is always best to come prepared so if you are undergoing medical treatment, have any pre-existing health issues, or are a registered disabled, we would recommend you to bring translated copies of current prescriptions and doctor’s report. This will help facilitate the support you require.
When you arrive for UK study, you may be asked to produce health certificates detailing your vaccinations. If you are coming from a tuberculosis (TB) high-risk area, a chest x-ray report may also be required. It’s a good idea to carry these documents in your hand luggage, as you may have to show them before passing through UK immigration.

Health services offered to international students
As mentioned, you may be entitled to free or subsidised treatment in the UK under the National Health Service (NHS). Your course needs to be at least six months in duration to be eligible, although free emergency treatment may be available if you are here for less time.
If you are not entitled to NHS treatment you should take out international student health insurance before you leave home or as soon as you arrive to study in the UK.

Keep healthy!
It is always better to prevent illness so we recommend that you eat nutritious food, get enough rest and exercise regularly.
Remedies for minor illnesses such as headaches and colds are available from high street chemists, most supermarkets and some other shops. They are available without a doctor’s prescription. If you are not sure what medication to take, rather than visiting your doctor, you can get advice from a qualified pharmacist at any chemist.