About Brighter Prospects Guardians

We know that Study abroad is a very important and life changing decision. Being away from home can mean both a great adventure as well as uncertainty and isolation. We ensure that the adventure is maintained, the isolation gone and the uncertainty smoothed by providing total support, liaison and advice. We are devoted to the progression of our students, and are passionate about their care and education. We truly value our students, because we believe that the foundation of any relationship is trust, respect and understanding. We work alongside the best schools in the UK to ensure the education provided is accessible and beneficial to the individuals under our care. We pride ourselves in the knowledge that our students feel able to call upon us for advice, guidance and support whenever they need to.

Brighter Prospects Guardians was a fully accredited member of AEGIS, for 9 years from 2015 – 2024, (The Association for the Education and the Guardianship of International students)

‘Brighter Prospects Guardians offers a very high level indeed of pastoral care to its students. Its systems are robust, and its interest in the welfare of those in its care is sincere and generates highly effective support for these students. This is consistently evidenced by positive feedback from students, schools, overseas parents and host families’   —  AEGIS