Calls and Postal Services

It is easy to stay connected with friends and family from the UK and you can usually get good deals on international calls. International parcel delivery is very reliable and high speed internet access is available in your place of study and many libraries, shops and cafes.

International calls from mobiles.
We can assist you get an international SIM card for you mobile phone to call home with a  cheaper rate. This is used with a pre pay ‘top up’, meaning you are always in control of how much is spent.

Typical UK mobile phone packages include:

  • Pay-monthly plans: You will sign up with a mobile phone network and agree to use the network’s service for a minimum period at a fixed monthly cost. Some operators will provide a free phone when you signing up the contract with them. In this case, you need a bank account to automatically transfer the monthly cost to the operator.
  • Pre-paid plans: You will sign up with a network and pay a minimum of 12 months’ service in advance, at a cheaper rate than monthly plans.
  • Pay-as-you-go plans: You will buy credit for calls and messages in advance, either directly from the network or in the form of vouchers. You will pay for what you use.

International postage from the UK
If you enjoy sending letters or presents home, the UK has excellent international postage and shipping services. Post offices are usually open from 9 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday, and from 9 am to 12.30 pm on Saturday. Stamps are available at newsagents, supermarkets and special vending machines.

Internet services
Internet usage is widespread in the UK. The majority of UK institutions provide free internet access and e-mail accounts for their students. Rooms in halls of residence may also have an internet connection provided at a set fee for the entire term or academic year.

While you’re studying in the UK, you should find that most high streets have internet cafés where you pay for web access by the hour. If you have your own laptop, wireless internet access is available for free in many coffee shops and public places. Some train services also provide this facility for a small charge.