Why Need a Guardian?

A Guardian acts as a ‘local’ parent for a child, when the parents are not in the same country.

Schools in the UK need every child studying with them to have a Guardian. They need someone they can contact, who knows the child, speaks fluent English and completely understands the school system and the culture in the UK.

Whilst in the school, the school, in particular your child’s housemaster or housemistress, takes responsibility for academic matters and day-to-day welfare during the school term. There are times during the term, and especially outside term time, when the school must be able to hand over these responsibilities to a properly appointed educational Guardian.

 Our Services:

  • Acting on your behalf in cases of the unexpected or of an emergency and in situations where you are unable to do so due to not being in the UK
  • Arranging medical and nursing services in a reasonable and timely manner, if your child gets ill and needs to go to hospital
  • Providing a host family for your child to stay with at Half Term, weekends and on other occasions as required
  • Assisting you with things your child may need – school uniform, sports equipment, phone cards, mobile phone, UK mobile sim card, etc.;
  • Helping you arrange your child’s itinerary in the UK, including taxi, train and bus.
  • Arranging your child’s flight, helping purchase flight tickets, and arranging the pick-up and the drop-off.
  • Being available for your child, particularly when you or he/she are worried about things like work, school, friends;
  • Helping you and your child if things go wrong.

    –  if your child gets into trouble at school,

    –  if you have problems with immigration or passports

  • Helping with Student course applications to schools and universities.
  • Providing guidance for A-Level course and further studies.
  • Attending the parents meeting and being a bridge between parents and school.
  • Supervising children’s social activities and outings, and signing informed consent.
  • Assisting in managing children’s living expenses and the expenditure of their pocket money.