School Application Process

How does it work?

First of all, when we receive your enquiry about finding a school for a student, we will contact you to ask for some information, you will need to provide some the basic personal information, and then we will need to establish the year group you are applying for. For international students, we also need to establish the level of English in order to find the best and most appropriate school.

We will require school reports, and a school reference, along with a personal statement written by the student. Sometimes, we call the personal statement as PS, which plays an important role in placement, as schools like to see the student’s level of written English, and to find out a bit more about the student.

After we have all the information about the student, we will search for schools that meets your criteria, and will send a school profile of our suggestions to you to read. If you have any questions about the school at this point, we will be able to help you by phone or email, once you are happy with the chosen school, we will apply for a place at the school for you.

What happens next?

We will then ask you fill in a registration form and arrange for payment of a registration fee, the amount of which varies from school to school, it is from 100 to 350 pounds sterling (non- refundable). At this stage, the majority of schools will require an entry test to be completed, which needs to take place under strict exam conditions. This can be done at British Council Offices if overseas, or at the student’s current school. Sometimes the student will be invited to visit the school to be interviewed.

Once school offer the place, a deposit is required to accept and secure the place. This is generally one term’s school fees, plus one term’s school fees will have to be paid by the first day of term. Deposits are refunded at the end of a student’s schooling, less any money outstanding on your account and assuming that proper notice has been given.

Your child will now have a place at boarding school, and we can now offer Guardianship services for the duration of your child’s studies.